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(This article is focused basically on how to start online as an entrepreneur and the possible tools you shouldcarry with you..)

No matter how we look at the number of people participating online today , the issue remains that we have a lot of people online still looking for directions or looking for where to belong online. There are the normal net browsers and there are also net browsers with the intention of making a living out of the net. There are  lots of people both in the online world and outside the online world wondering about this phenomenon of making money online or being an online enterprenuer. But I would tell those people not to worry as I have made out a little time to answer some little questions that might be disturbing them .


Well for most novices , the most important thing to recognise here is the fact that since the 90s the internet  exploded and have quietly been added as part of our everyday life. Please note that it did not actually destroy other communication models but it actually complemented them in full. It gave them an alternative to expand their services and as such the internet is now seen as a necessity in communication but nonetheless, I still respect the people who have no knowledge of how it works and words like ‘I don’t need it’ are verymuch associated with them. I believe it’s a free world and every man is entitled to an opinion and why not, these days we  are living in a world where animal pets have their opinion too and must be respected. That shows the high level of human development being achieved today.

If you are a complete novice with computer and the internet, I will suggest you to just take some few hours in a day and get somebody to teach you how it works. If you don’t like it after a week of practicing then I would think you are a rare type. Once again I wish to consider and understand those that have their different reasons of not liking it . You are solely entitled to your own opinion.

Now lets assume you have practiced enough to help your way around the internet very well, it is better to start looking at the area of the net you like most and then try to discover more about it. Why I wrote the above was to call you back to the question “Where do I start online ? ”. Discovering an area of interest onthe internetis the key to avoid being unnecessarily confused on how you can set yourself up online as an enterprenuer.

Please note that this article is not portraying the idea that you should confine yourself to one particular area of  interest online but rather it is a  stepping stone to pass you throughdiscipline in an area of interest to you and will prepare you on how to handle other areas of interest.


This is a period that involves full dedication, patience, serious research, consistency, decisiveness etc. It is also the period that would arm you with the right tools to handle your area of interest. You might be lost and asking why you have to go through all these huddles?, but don’t forget that anything that leads to anything good requires that you go through some bumpy roads unless you played a lottery once and won then you are really the lucky type. This is a period of apprenticeship and would mark your success or failure online as an entreprenuer so it’s better to have the experience first hand. The most important thing about this period of time you should understand is to “FIND YOURSELF A MENTOR”. Find some success stories in your area of interest and don’t worry about what people say, as long as there are some success stories in that field then it’s worth trying.


One of the biggest problems in this world of making money online is the fact that most online entreprenuers who fail are not really seasoned in their area of expertise and did not really go through this period of apprenticeship . Over and over again I have seen people who jumped into different aspects of making money online without really understanding the bottlenecks. If you are somebody used to forums or other communities online, it’s easy to see people spelling out their anger on not making money as an affiliate marketer or as an ad publisher or not recording any sales in their online stores. Majority of these problems come from the fact that they just jumped into the business model online without arming themselves very well. “If you visit a site that generates money does not mean that if you open that type of site immediately it will start generating money”. Infact, you may be really surprised that most sites you see looking flashy and well designed might not be generating anything compared to a one page of simple html design by an entreprenuer who did his/her homework very well.

Let us call you back to this line “how do I start making money online?”, it’s almost natural that you become a master of anything you have put in time and energy on. During your disciplinary period, there are usually two things most people do and that's either quit or see the end of it. If you decided to see the end of it you would notice that there are some simple tricks not known to any novice in that area that you can easily work around your fingers and this can only be known by going through the process.

You must have heard of 16 yr olds that made thousands selling on ebay  etc. Do not be deceived, these little kids have identified their area of interest right from time, and had gone through the huddles earlier also. For some people it comes very easy and before you know it they are already in the game and for some people the huddles takes more longer but the truth is the fact that you must pass through it.

Passing through huddles in your chosen area would shape your way and give you the basic idea you need to guide you through and most of all it will give you the patience which is very vital in your success.


It’s obvious that most online enterprenuers have jumped into some business models online without adequate research and have failed, rarely succeeded or strugging to keep up. Discovering an area of interest and passing through the disciplinary period would normally open your head up on the best possible ways to survive and manage an area of interest online.

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